Just a few of the various poets you could date.

Just a few of the various poets you could date.

Through our work, we've realized some people could really benefit from more one-on-one attention than just a free haiku at a party. Many of us really need some quality time, with a caring yet unbiased, sensitive and stylish companion who knows how to have an intimate conversation, make extended eye contact, and give sage advice over a comforting beverage.

That's why we've launched Date-A-Poet.

We have poets based all over the country, and even one in France, so there is probably a conscientious and creative consort near you, ready to give you the attention you deserve. Plan a picnic, go to a museum, do tequila shots at a dive bar, visit a Japanese tea house. You and your poet will decide the perfect activity for what you need.

Think of it like therapy, but cooler, and with more flirting.

If you are ready to set up your date, fill out the form below.

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