You Are Here to Compete in the Art of Haiku for $100


So You Think You Can Haiku?

Have you ever been sitting there thinking to yourself, "Damn, if only I could engage in a Haiku Duel* and win $100 right now!"?  We recently had a gut feeling that this happens to you all the time and decided to host a competition.  Here's how it works:

  1. Write a haiku in the form below about the topic listed there
  2. We'll select our favorite three (3)*
  3. We'll type those three on our sexy notecards
  4. ON FRIDAY at NOON, we'll post pics of the top three haiku and tag you #obviously
  5. Tell your friends to vote by commenting 1, 2, or 3
  6. The haiku with the most votes in the comments by FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT wins $100
  7. Try again next time if you didn't win, drinks on you if you did (no cost to enter ever.  #freehaiku duh)

*yes, we understand a duel is between two people.  we dgaf

Name *