For 8 weeks starting on September 25th, embark on a new type of recorded live art event at Bowery Poetry.

By women.

About women.

Why women only? There are NO top-rated iTunes podcasts made by women, for women, and about women's creative experience and power.

The top result in iTunes when you search for "revolutionary women" is a podcast by a man explaining how to literally f**k women.

That's why we need to tell our own stories of creative power. Now.

Every Sunday, we get together at Bowery Poetry to record unique conversations, share advice and experience, challenge each other, and catalyze the creative revolutionary that is in all of us.

Every Sunday, you have the chance to meet new women and non-binary artists, writers, and creators, and come away with inspiration, connection, and renewed strength to be a revolutionary woman. All while we'll be making our own oral history to share the experience worldwide.

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