The auction is complete!

Poems have been sent to their winners and we earned a total of $1050!

All proceeds went to She Should Run.



A message from Lisa Ann:

Every day for the past 100 days, I have been researching and dedicating a haiku to a US Senator about their views, career or other surprising elements of their person. This undertaking was covered in CNN and Bustle and many people started asking me what I would do with these 100 unique artworks when complete. Some said I should mail them directly to the Senators, but I feared they would miss their mark or be ignored. So I thought about the lessons I've learned from this project, to try to help me find an answer. 

I realized that the biggest single takeaway for me is that there are far too few women represented in our Congress, and I found that the problem starts in our hometowns, with a lack of women running for smaller local offices, less funding for women, more vitriolic attacks against women politicians, and more. So I decided I wanted to auction these pieces of history, to benefit an organization that helps women get their footing in the political scene.

I chose the nonpartisan nonprofit, She Should Run, to be the beneficiary of this auction, which is supporting their year-end fundraising drive. Women, whether conservative or liberal, have proven to be hard-working and dedicated public servants who are stunningly capable at coming to bipartisan policy agreements and governing with civility and wisdom (with a notable ability to avoid destroying their careers and reputations with heinous and disgraceful acts of abuse and harassment...)

How does this work?

1. Choose a piece that means something to you or a loved one and bid on it this week. The auction will end on Friday so that if you want a holiday gift rushed to your door, it can make it on time. You can have them unadorned, matted, or framed, whichever you prefer.

2. Check out the auction here on eBay, and feel free to send our manager a note directly ( if you want to get in touch about any other special requests.

Also, please note that I specifically chose a nonpartisan org to benefit because while you'll see that I do have some light political opinions (lol) I believe that more women should be represented across the political spectrum. My opinions are not She Should Run's opinions. They want more women to run and understand that, as women, we all have different policy priorities. My poems reflect my specific views, not theirs.

Now go buy one (or more??) already!

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