L to R: Anthony McPherson, LA Markuson, Mikumari Caihye, Tania (TAZ) Asnes, Peter Tiso, Daniel Hoopes

L to R: Anthony McPherson, LA Markuson, Mikumari Caihye, Tania (TAZ) Asnes, Peter Tiso, Daniel Hoopes

We have twenty-five poets in our multi-talented fold, based in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York City, San Francisco, Austin, The Berkshires, Montreal, and Paris. 

Our values guide the talent that we recruit, and each poet has their own unique style, while all rising to the highest standards of creativity, empathy, confidence, wit, and aesthetic.

Some of our current esteemed Poets are:

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Lisa Ann (LA) Markuson

LA is our Co-founder, Co-owner, Managing Director, and fastest Haikuist. She is also the Poet Ambassador for Bowery Poetry, and the founder and host of A Revolutionary Woman podcast. She travels between California and the Northeast region. No one knows where she lives.

Erick Szentmiklosy

Erick is our Co-founder, Co-owner, idea generating machine, and boldest Haikuist. He is also a savvy business consultant, painter, and mathematician. He is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Daniel Zaltsman

Daniel is our Co-founder, Co-owner, and most intellectual Haikuist. He is also an expert in community management, foreign films, and all Russian things. He is based in New York City. Have you heard of it?

Tania Asnes

Tania is our premier Haiku Gal. She is also an actress, humorist, face-painter, tutor, and overall genius. She is based in New York City.

Paasha Motamedi

Paasha is our most international and well-read Haikuist. He is also a fashion demigod, cultural sleuth, jazz drummer, and earth-stoppingly talented film photographer. He is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Anthony McPherson

Anthony is our most-YouTube'd Haikuist, and an internet sensation with his video series sharing responses to bigotry. He is also a poetry slammer, extremely witty and stylish and lives in Harlem, NYC.

Peter Tiso

Peter is our in-house graphic designer, typewriter mechanic, and most thoughtful Haikuist. He is also a canoe instructor, farmer, and teacher of complex cartographical skills in the Berkshires, MA.

Deena Odelle Hyatt

Deena is our most mindful, graceful, and embodied Haikuist. When not haikuing, she sings, stretches, and floats up and down the California coast, unteaching the harmful and teaching the helpful.

Mikumari Caihye

Mikumari is the Haikuist with the most stylish glasses and best stage presence, since he is an actor and mayhem poet too. He travels the world performing but calls NJ home.

Courtney McKenna

Courtney is our most glamorous and creative Haikuist. She is also an organization guru, punk rock singing guitarist, costume and jewelry design ingenue, and time traveler. She is based in Brooklyn.

Christoph Jenkins

Christoph is our most fatherly Haikuist, with two adorable children, and his own non-profit organization, Fighting Cancer with Poetry. He lives in Washington, DC.

Micah Greenberg

Micah is the Haikuist with the best puns and boyish charm. He has his own creative agency, event series, is our lead West Coast poet, and lives in beautiful Los Angeles.

The List Continues:

Daniel Hoopes

Brandon Jordan Brown

Lex Paulson

Kate Poston

Peter Hornung

Andrew Bucket

Mike Long

Logan Hollow

Victor Zapanta

Dan Tuttle

Catalina Lavalle

Joyce Lim

Bryson Hoff

Jackson Lewis

Katie Lauren Walker

Leah Clancy

Tomas Riesgos

Noah Moss

To make an inquiry, request an interview, propose a project, or commission a performance, kindly send a note to bark@thehaikuguys.com to connect with our manager.