Every team needs a therapeutic poetry moment

Haiku can be entertainment, but can also be a unique and low-pressure way to de-stress and tap into your team's potential.

We send poets to your executive team retreats, your staff appreciation outings, your quarterly feedback and review meetings, or any other occasion that can use inspiration and fresh perspective; a dose of haiku therapy, if you will.

There are two Haiku Wellness Experiences:

  • Haiku Therapy - a poet visits your group and offers thoughtful perspective on group discussions, brainstorming sessions, or important meetings.
  • Haiku Workshop - a poet visits your team or class to teach the art of haiku.

By the end of the one to two-hour session, every participant has at least one unique hand-typed poem on commemorative paper, either written by the poet, or that they developed with the aid of our professional haiku experts. Groups up to 50 can be accommodated.

Haiku Wellness Experiences can include:

  • Meditative, reflective, collaborative and creative exercises.
  • One-on-one or group consultations to release stress and discuss issues.
  • Assistance writing your own haiku.
  • Illustration and painting.
  • Group sharing, reading, and reflection on poems created during the session.

If you're interested in booking a Haiku Wellness Session for your group, email us at bark@thehaikuguys.com.